Kranz Finance is empowering crypto for its ultimate utility:

Allowing tokens on ANY network to be used to support your everyday lifestyle.

Some tokens have unique systems that contribute to:

Planting New Trees

Feeding the Hungry

Protecting Wildlife

So that every time you pay for goods or services, you are donating to important causes.

Partnership with Froge Finance

How does FrogeX work?

The FrogeX smart contract automatically deposits a portion of every transaction to charities that support our world’s rainforests.

Why a Kranz and FrogeX partnership?

FrogeX makes it easy to make consistent contributions towards helping keep our Earth a habitable environment.

Kranz Finance is working towards making sure that you can buy anything with any crypto.

An ideal future for FrogeX, Kranz, and humanity means that a portion of every transaction you need to have for all daily payments (food, beverages, bills, taxes, etc…) could go towards helping protect our environment.

For more information on Froge Finance, please visit: