Defi and deflationary

Empowering businesses to accept crypto without disrupting their daily operations.

Incentive for Mass Adoption


Rewarding businesses upfront and with every transaction for accepting crypto.


Covering costs for businesses to start accepting crypto.

Fiat Solutions

Making sure businesses get fiat in their bank account so they do not need to worry about crypto.

Kranz Finance

A token designed for accelerating the mass adoption of crypto and partnering with an exchange designed for covering the volatility of accepting crypto and making sure businesses get the fiat they need deposited directly into their bank account.

See our Whitepaper for more information:

DeFi at its finest

We're making ALL tokens viable as payment.

What makes kranz different

Secure Contract

Audited by a senior member at PolyMath and all issues were resolved before launch.

Liquidity Locked

LP Tokens are locked for Uniswap and Pancakeswap until 2025.

Beneficial to ALL Other Cryptos

Focusing on elevating all tokens and coins on any network. Mass adoption does not mean for there to only be one solution when there are many viable options.

Uncensored Opinions

There is truth to be revealed in everything, even FUD that is unfounded or misled.

The Tokenomics

The token contract was designed for real world application, not for a gimmick.

Here to Stay

Many DeFi projects come and go.
Kranz has a dedicated community and contributors that are here to stay.

Understanding the Big Picture

Kranz Finance is more than just a DeFi project. This is about advancing the technological capabilities of the human race.

Native Ethereum

The token contract was originally deployed to Ethereum and then bridged to BSC.


ETH and BSC Address:   0xf54B304e2e4b28c7E46619D1A340F9b2B72383D7