Transaction Records

Integration Wallet History.

Integration Hot Wallet Address: 0x232a732f778b4c1cd55c886f9bd7cb7be93b8b39


First Kranz Token Partnership Transaction History:

Integration Fund Purchase 1.PNG

Marketing Wallet History.

Marketing Hot Wallet Address: 0xe4d693ad3151a61d8d62959d02a3fa203e1b338d

Marketing Hot Wallet Setup Transaction Hash:


After careful consideration and after a community poll and team vote, we've decided on the following:

To increase Kranz Token’s exposure and to find more businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments, 12% of the Integration Fund could be used to cover marketing costs, never to exceed spending more than 100B KRZ Tokens: the original allocation for the fund.

The Integration Fund perpetually receives redistribution, so it will be replenished over time. This marketing allotment will help ensure we will be able to reach as many businesses as possible so we can onboard them to accept cryptocurrency.

Exchange Listing Wallet History

Exchange Listing Wallet Address: 0xc0A622e939D45FD240846D555bb10EF206B197a6 Listing Transaction Hash: