The Kranz Crew

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William Gill

Founder & Project Lead

I have been a Cryptocurrency investor and have also worked for the Dallas Cowboys Private Social Club since 2017. I am currently studying Philosophy and Psychology: more specifically, variations of Eastern Zen Philosophy and also the works of Carl Jung. My current writings and research involve critically dismantling the fallacies and conclusions behind Novelty Theory, in order to bring useful wisdom to one's daily life. Kranz Token was inspired by one of my dreams back in November 2019 and I will do everything that I can to bring my full vision into reality. Whether it is in the realm of Philosophy or Cryptocurrency, I hope to leave an impact that will make at least one person’s day a bit easier.

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Jacob Thomas


I am a recent graduate with a degree of History and Political Science from the University of Kansas. After practicing collegiate debate for five years, I have sharpened my research and argumentative skills on a wide variety of topics: ranging from foreign economic interactions, to US financial policy. I am taking advantage of my passions for academic research and my understanding of the world’s current financial state to create new and unique ideas for the Kranz Token. With my debate experience and the effective incentive of the Kranz Token reward system, it is easy for businesses to decide to accept Cryptocurrency and partner with us.

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Rahul Ramesh


I am currently pursuing a Masters in CS with a focus in Data Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. As an avid tinkerer, rock climber, and gamer, I am always excited for new opportunities to learn. As someone fond of building platforms and projects, it was a no-brainer to join the journey of Kranz Token by helping with front-end design and assets to tackle the challenges of crypto mass-adoption!

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Croatian Ambassador

Among many possible titles such as passionate Cryptocurrency Investor, focused and result-oriented Business Manager, philosophy driven and conscientious Family-Man, I primarily consider myself as only a human being, dedicated to my one true goal: to become the best possible version of myself. I find inspiration from: Alan Watts, Neville Goddard, Carl Jung, Neale Walsch, Jordan Peterson, Graham Hancock, Bob Proctor, T.D. Jakes, Mike Tyson, Joe Dispenza, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Earl Nightingale, my parents, and every single soul brave enough to plant a tree under whose shade they do not expect to sit. I partnered with Kranz Finance because I recognized the opportunity to merge businesses with the new incentive and approach that Kranz is offering.

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Rick de Graaf

Social Media Manager

I worked for two different governments in the Information Technology sector and served in the military for a short time. I am currently an IT Project Manager specialist in the Netherlands and I've always been interested in Crypto, DJing, Music, and History. I have also done sales related work in the past two years and I found an opportunity to help Kranz Finance grow its social media presence.

ERC-20 and BEP-20 Contract Developers and Bridge Operators

We’re embracing all of DeFi on multiple blockchains to introduce a combination of the most impactful and innovative financial offerings that have shaken the core of traditional finance in a single refined app, UniTrade. As decentralized finance continues to exponentially grow we are routinely looking for way to evolve and adapt our application to bring new and efficient ways for our users to easily get involved and generate returns in this space.

“I started UniTrade at the beginning of the DeFi boom simply so I could place limit orders on UniSwap. Since then we have grown beyond anything I ever expected. It’s now become our mission to adapt in a rapidly changing market and consistently deliver high quality solutions that people actually want to use. ”

@reborn1002, Founder, Developer

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