Kranz Finance

With a token designed for Utility, Governance, and Rewards for accelerating the mass adoption of Cryptocurrency…

...and with an exchange designed for covering the volatility of accepting cryptocurrency and making sure businesses get the fiat that they need deposited directly into their bank account.


What is Kranz?

KRZ Token is a token contract that is covering the cost for, and rewarding, businesses to start accepting cryptocurrency.

With its Integration Fund, Kranz purchases any necessary technology (like a new tablet/computer) and/or covers the cost of any software development (like website integration) to make accepting cryptocurrency easier.

Kranz has a Reward Fund with token allocations specifically set aside for businesses that cooperate with them and start accepting cryptocurrency.

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Utility, Governance, and Reward

There is a brand new exchange that is under development and it will be using Kranz Token as an Automated Market Maker Token, Governance Token, and also as a Reward Token that will be rewarding businesses proportionally on every transaction for accepting cryptocurrency.


Since Kranz Token has a burn function on every transaction, the supply will become increasingly scarce over time, especially after full implementation on the exchange.

The exchange will be completely covering the arbitrage and volatility for businesses so that they can accept cryptocurrency and just have the fiat that they need deposited directly into their business bank account.

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ETH and BSC Token Address: 0xf54B304e2e4b28c7E46619D1A340F9b2B72383D7

Available on, Uniswap, and Pancakeswap, with an ETH-BSC Bridge through UniTrade!

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